Radek Hewelt

DSC_0648Radek Hewelt was born in Poland. After accomplishing the social studies he made his dance and choreography education at PARTS in Brussels. Since 2003 he has been living and working in Vienna.

His performing experiences combine the wide range of aesthetically different projects – dance based productions, dance theater shows, experiments from the field of performance art, contemporary opera, theater pieces, music concerts and multimedia installations. His performing and dancing curriculum includes the artists like: Leszek Bzdyl, Conny Jansen, Cristian Duarte, Lynda Gaudreau, Sara Gebran, Carmen Mehnert, Elio Gervasi, Sebastian Prantl, Cezary Tomaszewski, Michikazu Matsune & David Subal, Editta Braun, Rebecca Murgi, Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, united sorry (Robert Stein, Frans Poelstra), Anne Juren, Pieter Ampe, Andrea Bold, Ewa Bankowska, Cooperativa Performativa, Magdalena Chowaniec, Alexander Gottfarb, Anat Steinberg, Oleg Soulimenko, Christine Gaigg, Georg Blaschke, Elisabeth B. Tambwe. Radek worked as well with the video and visual artists like Thierry de Mey (“Ma mere l’oye”) or Katarzyna Kozyra (“Lou Salomé”). He was one of the members of Vienna-based artistic collective “Pathosbüro”. The group was researching the phenomenon of pathos in contemporary culture and art. They worked on the fields of dance, performance, video and visual arts.

Since 1999 Radek has been creating his own works. The performances like “Zoom In”, “21 minutes”, “Close-up”, “Tonights Tune”, “Slow Cowboy”, “12 Songs” and “Substitute Show” were shown in many countries in Europe. They were hosted by festivals like ImPulsTanz/Vienna, Dancas na Cidade/Lisbon, Festival d’Automne/Paris, imagetanz/Vienna and Springdance/Utrecht but also at site-specific venues like Caritas megastore in Vienna.

In 2012 Radek has formed together with Filip Szatarski an artistic collective “CLEVER TEAM”. Beside smaller projects they have created 2 major works: “Clever Project” (2012) and “Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory” (2014). The performances have been presented a.o. at Vienna (WUK, Ankerbrotfabrik), Warsaw (Teatr Studio), Gdansk (Dada Studios, Zatoka Sztuki), Poznan (Teatr im. Tadeusza Lomnickiego), Lublin (Teatr im. Juliusza Osterwy), Jelenia Gora (Teatr im. Cypriana Norwida), Oberwart (Burgenländische Tanztage), etc.