CLEVER TEAM (Radek Hewelt and Filip Szatarski) presents the audience a new performance with the unique therapeutic properties. It is addressed to all those who have been affected by the economic crisis of last years. This time all the members of the audience have a chance to start the process of healing.

The proposal includes emotional cleansing and purification through the almost forgotten experience of CATHARSIS. As most of the artists are satisfied with delivering their audience one emotional climax per art work, CLEVER TEAM aims to offer multi-cathartic experience.

In “Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory” Hewelt and Szatarski encourage you to cry as much as you can.


Concept, Performance, Set-design, Composition of vocals and librettos: Radek Hewelt, Filip Szatarski
Dramaturgy: Michał Kotański
Photos, Video, Graphic design: Agnieszka Gantz
Music arrangement: Alexander Nantschev
Light design: Markus Schwarz
Acoustics: Peter Horvat

Thanks to:
Julia Mach, Lukas Kaltenbäck, Bernhard Auer, Liz King (d.id/dance
identity), Sandra Broeske (LoftCity) and Sabile Rasiti


Prodution: Visitores – Verein zur Projektion künstlerischer Ideen
Co-operation: Polnisches Institut Wien and d.id/dance identity
With the support of the Culture Department of the City of Vienva (Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien – MA7) and LoftCity

The premiere took place on 16 October 2014 at Expedithalle in Ankerbrotfabrik in Vienna. The performance was also presented at Burgenländische Tanztage in Oberwart, at Zatoka Sztuki (Art Bay) in Sopot and at Dance Stage Studio in Warsaw.