Filip Szatarski

DSC_0790Filip Szatarski is an international artist researching in the areas of dance and theater with the connection to music and visual arts. As a choreographer, dancer and dramaturg he has created several own projects cooperating with artists from different countries. Filip Szatarski works also as a choreographer for drama theaters (about 35 different performances so far).
As a teacher he teaches improvisation and contact improvisation and leads workshops of “Body awareness” for professional actors, dancers and senior performers.

Work experiences:

1996-2008: member of Dada von Bzdülöw Theater in Poland (regular classes, workshops, performances in Poland and Europe,
1998-2001: Municipal Theater of Witold Gombrowicz in Gdynia, Poland (about 150 performances, developing acting techniques, work with voice)
2000: „In the Body“, Choreography: Avi Kaiser, Baltic Culture Center production;
2002: member of „Tanz Hotel Wien“ (performances: „Katharsis“, „Suite“, „Grosse Fuge“ in Odeon Theatre and Halle 1030 Wien;
2003: member of Sebastian Prantl’s „Tanz Atelier Wien“ („H+H“ performed in Odeon Theatre Wien;
2003: member of „Compagnie Smafu Wien” (production for the children festival “Szene Bunte Wähne” performed in: Austria, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic;
2004: “Oddyseas” project, soloistically approached work;
2005: Artist in Residence, International Art Village Yamaguchi, Japan
-> Solo performance “Jacob”, workshops with students;
2006: “Eden” with Dada von Bzdülöw Theater – Prize of Gazeta Wyborcza for the best performance of the year;
2006: Artistic Director for “Cool-Tour”, International Theatre Project for young artists against violence. Gdansk/Bremen (50 participants);
2006: “Strom” – modern opera by Johanna Doderer, Museumsquartier Wien, soloistic dance work;
2008: “Birth out”, project by Kaja Kolodziejczyk, Poznan, Poland;
2008 “Traffic Project”, education project for young artists, about 50 participants, Gdansk, Poland;
2008: “Barricade of Love” – Dada von Bzdülöw and Pink Freud, Gdansk, Poland;
2008 “Couch Project”, improvisation project by Milan Kozanek, Gdansk & Warsaw, Poland;
2008 “Brith out”- project with Kaja Kołodziejczyk, Stary Browar, Poznań, Warsaw Modern Art Center,”Rozdroża” festival, Poland;
2008 “Ból trzeba przeboleć”-project in cooperation with Beata Sosnowska, “Rewizje” festival, Warsaw, Poland;
2009: “Osez” – International dance project, Quebec-city, Gaspe, Canada;
2009/2010 “Ideale Stadt” – International Theater project, 25 participants Warsaw-Berlin;
2010 „Brith out” – project with Kaja Kołodziejczyk, Gdansk Dance Festival, Poland, Gdansk;
2010 “Makbeth”-The International Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk;
2010 “Exit 8” – Edi Pyrek;

Own Works:

2001:  “Bath Baby”, production for the Baltic Dance Festival, Gdansk, Poland (with Milena Rewinska);
2002:  “Circle and Cross”, production for the Korporacja Dance Festival, Gdansk, Poland (with Tae Hee Kim);
2003/2004: “Tumor”, production for the Korporacja Dance Festival (with Celine Bacque);
2005:  “Jacob”, solo production for the International Art Village Yamaguchi, Japan;
2005/2006: own video works with Kamila Chomicz;
2007: “Visitores”, production for “Off-bicz” scene in Sopot, with Julia Mach, Poland/Austria;
2008/2009 “The fishinyou”, production with Julia Mach, Austria/Poland;
2009/2010 “Alien Anonymous”, production with Julia Mach, Austria/Poland;
2010 “InColt” , cooperation and production with Schaula Cambazzu ( ARS EXTREMIS) and theatre Marni in Brusseles, work in progress, premiere in june 2011;
2004-2010: Cooperation with various artists: musicians, photographers, filmmakers – see the websites with the following names: Kamila Chomicz, Tomek Lewandowski Bergman, Szymon Rogiski, Tymon Tymanski;
2011 “Jakub 2” – Filip Szatarski, Tomek Bergmann, Grzegorz Welizarowicz, Produkcja – Klub Żak w Gdańsku/Stypendium Kulturalne Miasta Gdańsk;

2013 “CLEVER PROJECT” – performance in co-operation with Radek Hewelt; premiere at WUK/Vienna;

2014 “INSTANT OPERA. ADULT CRYING INVENTORY” – performance in co-operation with Radek Hewelt; premiere at Ankerbrotfabrik in Vienna;