Premiere of “CLEVER DREAMLAND” coming soon!

The work on “Clever Dreamland” enters it’s last stage. The premiere will take place in Arbeitsplatz Wien (Siegfriedgasse 23, 1210 Wien) on 17 November at 20:00. Further shows on 18th and 19th November at 20:00.




(Radek Hewelt & Filip Szatarski)

Inspired by true events, CLEVER DREAMLAND is an immersive and visceral performative experience capturing two man’s epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit. In an expedition of the uncharted wilderness, legendary explorers Radek and Filip are brutally attacked…

“Today we’re going to stand the ground…

today there is no way back…

we’re outnumbered…

maybe we’re going to die…

but we’ll fight…

we’ll fight like never before…”

CLEVER DREAMLAND is a place where one encounters violence, suffering and pain.

CLEVER DREAMLAND is a place that floods the world with the sea of love, with rain of courage, with rivers of eternal beauty.


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