C L E V E R   D R E A M L A N D   Eine Performance des Clever Teams (Radek Hewelt & Filip Szatarski)   Premiere 17. November 20:00 Uhr Weitere Vorstellungen am
18. und 19. November um 20:00 Uhr
 Ort: Arbeitsplatz Wien, Siegfriedgasse 23, 1210 Wien   *****************************************************   CLEVER DREAMLAND ist eine […]

“Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory” in Wroclaw

CLEVER TEAM has a pleasure to invite You to Wroclaw. On Sunday 26.06.2016 at 19:00 “Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory” will be presented in Centrum Inicjatyw Artystycznych in Wroclaw. The performance will be shown within the program of Laboratorium Ruchu ESK 2016 – “Niech (NIE) szczezna artysci. Exchange” and thanks to a network INTPA.

“Clever Dreamland” in progress

  My brothers, my sisters, I see your trembling hands. I see the shadows in your eyes. It’s fear… But I see also something else. I see rage… I see rage in your hearts… Hear your hearts… Hear them beating! We’re on the good side. Tonight the gods are on our side! Hear your hearts! […]